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Diverse Vite OOC
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Diverse Vite is an Asian Entertainment Roleplay Community. Here you can be the character you've always wanted to be or just a random person stopping by. There are as many muses as you want and no claims. You could have three Junsu's or four Shiwon's and no one would care. They can be from any universe and have any qualities you want, this is a community for your ideas and wants. Have fun.
Stylesheet by refuted


-Please keep OCC apart from IC.

-No metagaming. [Metagaming - The act of using outside or previously gained knowledge within a roleplay environment for personal gain or advantage. In other words, your muse can not take OOC news into the game.]

-No god-moding. [God-moding - When one plays a muse that can never be destroyed, harmed, etc. The muse hurts and/or kills the other characters without giving the other characters a chance.]

-Make sure to notify absences and hiatuses in diverseviteooc, and tag them properly. To ensure you read the rules, write Claim on the title and tag the post with "claim". Drops must be announced and tagged in a similar fashion.

-All roleplay posts go on diversevite. Please make sure to friend's lock all NC-17 posts.


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